Khadija Gbla

Cross-cultural consultant
Khadija Gbla is an award-winning inspirational speaker, facilitator and cross-cultural consultant. She is a former refugee from Sierra Leone currently living in Australia.

Why you should listen

Khadija Gbla has been recognized through numerous awards including 2011 Young South Australian of the Year, 2014 The Advertiser South Australia's 50 most Influential Women and 2013 Madison Magazine Australia's Top 100 inspiring Women just to name a few. She was forced to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) around the age of nine to ten. Having experienced firsthand the devastating effects of FGM, Gbla has dedicated her life to fighting it. She has worked for 14 years to raise awareness and education about violence against women and girls, and particularly about female genital mutilation.

Khadija Gbla’s TED talk

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