Kevin Surace is looking at the climate crisis from an engineer's perspective — and creating products that prove there's no piece of our daily lives we can't redesign to be cleaner and greener.

Why you should listen

Kevin Surace wants to reduce the use of fossil fuels and their effect on the environment by greening manufacturing processes that create the basic components of our everyday life. As CEO of Serious Materials, he's helping to reduce the energy usage (and CO2 emissions) generated by the world's largest contributor -- buildings.

Before Serious Materials, Surace worked with Perfect Commerce, General Magic, Air Communications, National Semiconductor and Seiko-Epson.

What others say

“Kevin Surace of Serious Materials is proof that rethinking, retooling and re-acting can turn a bleak labor situation into bright green opportunities.” — On the Green Front

Kevin Surace’s TED talk