Kevin Slavin navigates in the algoworld, the expanding space in our lives that’s determined and run by algorithms.

Why you should listen

Are you addicted to the dead-simple numbers game Drop 7 or Facebook’s Parking Wars? Blame Kevin Slavin and the game development company he co-founded in 2005, Area/Code, which makes clever game entertainments that enter the fabric of reality.

All this fun is powered by algorithms -- as, increasingly, is our daily life. From the Google algorithms to the algos that give you “recommendations” online to those that automatically play the stock markets (and sometimes crash them): we may not realize it, but we live in the algoworld.

He says: "The quickest way to find out what the boundaries of reality are is to figure where they break."

What others say

“Kevin Slavin sees a world where games shape life and life shapes games.” — O’Rielly Radar

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