Kathy Hannun

Geothermal entrepreneur
Kathy Hannun pioneers affordable home geothermal installations through novel technology.

Why you should listen

Environmentalist and TED Fellow Kathy Hannun is the cofounder of Dandelion, a geothermal heating and cooling startup on a mission to electrify heating. She started Dandelion while working as a Rapid Evaluator within Alphabet's X lab, where she led a team that created a carbon neutral fuel from seawater. Dandelion grew from two people to the largest residential geothermal installer in the US in less than three years. The company has pioneered novel drilling techniques to make geothermal installations more affordable and has partnered with ConEdison, one of the largest utilities in the US, to promote geothermal heating as an alternative to fuel oil and natural gas.

Kathy Hannun’s TED talk