Inspired by classic city simulation games, Finnish designer Karoliina Korppoo and her fellow game developers at Colossal Order are infusing a venerable gaming genre with fresh perspectives.

Why you should listen

Developed by gaming upstarts Colossal Order and guided by Korppoo as lead designer, Cities: Skylines has become the gold standard for city simulation games -- an honor previously held by the genre-defining Sim City.

At the core of Colossal Order’s rejuvenated game designs is their dedication to creating an accessible experience for all users, whether through ease of use or by allowing users to suggest their own modifications. As a result, Colossal Order doesn’t shy away from game projects that touch on the problems of urbanization, gentrification or the possibilities of servicing a city with nothing but gravel roads.

What others say

“[Cities: Skylines] demonstrates a perfect example of just how high the rewards can be for respecting your audience and making the game that people really want to play.” — PC Invasion, February 17, 2016

Karoliina Korppoo’s TED talk

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