Karen Eber believes storytelling is one of the most impactful ways to shape culture, and engage people.

Why you should listen

Karen Eber is an author, keynote speaker and consultant. As the CEO and Chief Storyteller of Eber Leadership Group, she helps build curious and empathic leaders, teams and cultures, one story at a time. Her book The Perfect Story: How to Tell Stories that Inform, Influence, and Inspire explains how to apply the science of storytelling to tell dynamic and engaging stories.

Eber first recognized how impactful storytelling was at age five, when telling a story about her eyes turning two-different colors after eating crayons. She has used storytelling throughout her career working with Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, Microsoft, Kraft Heinz and Kate Spade. She frequently guest lectures at universities including the London School of Business, MIT and Stanford.

Eber is a former Head of Culture, Chief Learning Officer and Head of Leadership Development at General Electric and Deloitte. As a frequent contributor to publications like Fast Company, Business Insider and Thrive Global, she is known for “Make Waffles, not Spaghetti” and shedding light on what happens when you drop your phone down an elevator shaft.