Kade Crockford

Privacy advocate
Kade works to protect and expand the US's core First and Fourth Amendment rights and civil liberties in the digital 21st century.

Why you should listen

Kade Crockford is the Director of the Technology for Liberty Program at the ACLU of Massachusetts, focusing on how systems of surveillance and control impact not just the society in general but their primary targets -- people of color, Muslims, immigrants and dissidents. The Information Age produces conditions facilitating mass communication and democratization, as well as dystopian monitoring and centralized control. The Technology for Liberty Program aims to use our unprecedented access to information and communication to protect and enrich open society and individual rights by implementing basic reforms to ensure our new tools do not create inescapable digital cages limiting what we see, hear, think and do.

Towards that end, Crockford researches, strategizes, writes, lobbies and educates the public on issues ranging from the wars on drugs and terror to warrantless electronic surveillance. Crockford has written for The NationThe GuardianThe Boston GlobeWBUR and many other publications, and regularly appears in local, regional and national media as an expert on issues related to technology, policing and surveillance.

Kade Crockford’s TED talk