K Allado-McDowell uses AI to deepen human understanding through writing and music.

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Writer and musician K Allado-McDowell is the co-editor of The Atlas of Anomalous AI and has co-written three books with the computer language model GPT-3. Pharmako-AI, Amor Cringe and Air Age Blueprint all explore what's possible when we blend human and AI-generated writing. Allado-McDowell also records music under the name Qenric, and they are the mind behind the neuro-opera Song of the Ambassadors, which reimagines opera as a musical ritual that produces scientific understanding about the effects of music on body and mind.

In 2016, Allado-McDowell established the Artists + Machine Intelligence program at Google. They also educate and consult with institutions seeking to align their work with deeper traditions of human understanding.

K Allado-McDowell’s TED talk

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