Julie Cordua is dedicated to building the tools, partnerships and communities that will eliminate child sexual abuse from the internet.

Why you should listen

Julie Cordua is driven by a desire to break down traditional silos and barriers and bring the resources and talent of the private sector to bear on some of our society's worst social problems. In 2006, she left the wireless technology industry to help launch (RED), bringing private sector resources to work on AIDS in Africa. In 2011, she joined co-founders Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to create Thorn, a technology-led non-profit that builds products and systems aimed at eliminating online child sexual abuse. Today, Thorn's tools are deployed in more than 50 countries, having helped to identify more than 14,000 child victims of abuse and reduce investigative time by more than 65 percent.

Julie Cordua’s TED talk

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