As a producer, Julie Burstein builds places to talk (brilliantly) about creative work. Her book "Spark: How Creativity Works" shares what she has learned.

Why you should listen

From where does creativity flow? In 2000, Julie Burstein created Public Radio International's show Studio 360 to explore pop culture and the arts. Hosted by novelist Kurt Andersen and produced at WNYC, the show is a guide to what's interesting now -- and asks deep questions about the drive behind creative work. Now, Burstein has written Spark: How Creativity Works, filled with stories about artists, writers and musicians (like Chuck Close, Isabel Allende, Patti Lupone). Burstein is the host of full of conversations about creative approaches to the challenges, possibilities and pleasures of everyday life and work. She also "loves sitting in for Leonard Lopate."

What others say

“Spark is about joy, drive, and art, work that we’re all capable of if we’ll only commit.” — Seth Godin

Julie Burstein’s TED talk

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10 talks about the beauty — and difficulty — of being creative

November 12, 2012

[ted id=1613 width=560 height=315] Radio host Julie Burstein has found the perfect analogy for creativity—raku pottery. A Japanese art form in which molded clay is heated for 15 minutes and then dropped in sawdust which bursts into flames, what makes this pottery so beautiful is its imperfections and cracks. Burstein interviewed hundred of artists, writers, […]

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