Julia Sweeney creates comedic works that tackle deep issues including cancer, family and faith.

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After taking improv classes with The Groundlings, comedian Julia Sweeney became a household name for her work on Saturday Night Live, particularly for her creation of the androgynous character Pat (later the basis of her 1994 movie, It's Pat). Sweeney has written four one-person shows, each diving into personal experiences, including processing her and her brother's joint cancer diagnoses (God Said Ha!), divorcing from her Irish Catholic faith (Letting Go of God) and adopting a child as a single parent (In the Family Way). Her latest show, Older & Wider, was filmed in 2022.

Sweeney's acting and voice credits include the TV series Maybe It's Me, Shrill, Father of the Pride and Work in Progress, as well as appearances in According to Jim, Frasier and Sex and the City. She's acted in several films, including Pulp Fiction, Clockstoppers, Monsters University and the Beethoven and Stuart Little franchises. Her book, If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother, is a collection of essays on her life and experiences as a mom.

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