Julia Sweeney creates comedic works that tackle deep issues: cancer, family, faith.

Why you should listen

Known for her stint on Saturday Night Live and her powerful solo shows, Julia Sweeney has carved out her own territory in entertainment, one that moves between the personal and the political, the controversial and the comical. Her piece Letting Go of God traces a spiritual journey that takes an unexpected turn toward science (a turn that, incidentally, also led her to TED) and ends with atheism. Her latest book is If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother, on parenting and being parented.

In this, as in all her performances, Sweeney projects a warmth and sincerity on stage that's unmatched in today's theater; you immediately feel you're chatting with an old friend. And this gift of intimacy allows her to achieve the impossible: an utterly disarming show that honestly confronts the most controversial topic of our times. Her earlier shows God Said “Ha!” and In the Family Way also garnered praise and prizes for their pairings of humor and poignant truth.

What others say

“Without breaking her affably conversational tone, in "Letting Go of God," she inhabits the emotional memory of each step on her path.” — New York Times

Julia Sweeney’s TED talks

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