Joshua Prager’s journalism unravels historical secrets — and his own.

Why you should listen

Joshua Prager is billed as a journalist, but he’s really a storyteller. Over a decade-plus career at the Wall Street Journal, where he began as a news assistant and worked his way up to senior writer, Prager excelled in writing enthralling tales that had one thing in common: They were about secrets. While at the paper, Prager uncovered the world’s only anonymous Pulitzer Prize winner, the unknown heir of the author of the children’s book Goodnight Moon, and the hidden backstory of how the 1951 New York Giants baseball team cheated their way to infamy, as told in his book Half-Life, about the accident, explores identity and what it means to live a life changed in a single moment.

What others say

“Prager is a marvelous storyteller with an intriguing message that goes far beyond an account of personal misfortune.” — Kenneth Mathews,

Joshua Prager’s TED talk

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