Joshua Chu-Tan

Vision scientist
Joshua Chu-Tan's work looks at multi-targeted ways in which we can tackle the problems that lead to common retinal diseases by using molecules our body naturally produces.

Why you should listen

Joshua Chu-Tan is a medical researcher and lecturer at The Australian National University (ANU) Medical School and John Curtin School of Medical Research specializing in vision science. Pursuing research as a means to make a lasting impact on society, he grew passionate about understanding the complexities of vision loss and obtained his PhD from the ANU in medical research. He also works within the Office of Business Development and Commercialisation at the ANU to better understand avenues that can help create real world outcomes from academic research, from bench to bedside. 

Always trying to learn how to best communicate his work, Chu-Tan strongly believes that science is a global language and to tackle the world’s biggest issues, dissemination of research to a wider audience is vital.

Joshua Chu-Tan’s TED talk