Josephine Eyre

Digital anthropologist
Josephine Eyre’s mission is to help people, organizations, and societies connect deeply with each other when they aren’t physically together, using technology as an enabler. She has a passion for human communication, digital anthropology and frontier technologies, and is curious about how emerging technology impacts the nature of human communication. Jo’s research is focused on workplace communication in extended reality environments and her power of X - the power of virtual reality - will explore how the metaverse could reignite workplace creativity and inspire us to achieve what is seemingly impossible.

Why you should listen

Josephine Eyre believes that a combination of brilliant communication and creative collaboration is the cornerstone of all high performing teams, profitable businesses and great relationships.

With her passion lying at the nexus of human communication, digital anthropology, and frontier technologies, her work looks back to human evolution as much as it looks forward to evolving technologies and future scenarios. An avid remote work proponent, Eyre has worked with some of the world’s most trailblazing technology companies and her current PhD research examines the adoption of immersive technologies and workplace virtual worlds for distributed organizations.

Josephine Eyre’s TED talk