Joseph Redmon works on the YOLO algorithm, which combines the simple face detection of your phone camera with a cloud-based AI — in real time.

Why you should listen

Computer scientist Joseph Redmon is working on the YOLO (You Only Look Once) algorithm, which has a simple goal: to deliver image recognition and object detection at a speed that would seem science-fictional only a few years ago. The algorithm looks like the simple face detection of a camera app but with the level complexity of systems like Google's Deep Mind Cloud Vision, using Convolutional Deep Neural Networks to crunch object detection in realtime. It's the kind of technology that will be embedded on all smartphones in the next few years.

Redmon is also internet-famous for his resume.

What others say

“It looks "normal" because we are used to see this kind of technology in all sci-fi movies (from Star Trek, Star Wars and Blade Runner to Minority Report and Guardians of the Galaxy), but in fact it was not possible until two years ago.” — TED tech curator Alex Moura, spring 2017

Joseph Redmon’s TED talk

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