Jorge Mañes Rubio creates artworks that rethink humanity's relationship with the universe and all the beings that live in it — whether human, nonhuman, material or spiritual.

Why you should listen

There is a nebulous factor that artists like TED Fellow Jorge Mañes Rubio have. This factor is a relentless yet stylish drive to accomplish something significant, to make a difference, to fulfill a vision -- in a big way. It's inexorable. Mañes Rubio recontextualizes the common and overlooked in our society and reveals it to us in a way that makes us know more about what we thought we already understood. And he does it with a warmth or humour that includes us -- not excludes or demeans. There's a compassionate, shared, embracing energy to his art. It draws us in, makes us more aware and more human.

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Fellows Friday

A perpetual tourist who makes his own souvenirs: The intriguing work of TED Fellow Jorge Mañes Rubio

July 18, 2014

From China’s underwater cities to Amsterdam’s neglected neighborhoods to Italy’s looted ruins, Jorge Mañes Rubio seeks out forsaken places and makes art that memorializes, reimagines and reengages them with the world. His project “Normal Pool Level” — which emerged from his exploration of the cities, towns and villages submerged by China’s Three Gorges Dam Project […]

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