Jon Boogz is a movement artist, choreographer and director who seeks to push the evolution of dance.

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As a movement artist and creator, Jon Boogz seeks to share with audiences of all backgrounds an appreciation of the melding of art forms while inspiring and bringing awareness to social issues. Boogz recently wrote, choreographed, directed and danced in Color of Reality, a short film in collaboration with visual artist Alexa Meade and fellow dancer Lil Buck, and AM i A MAN in conjunction with Brian Stevenson, the Equal Justice Initiative, and DAIS.

First motivated to dance by the work of Michael Jackson, Boogz has choreographed for icons including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Naomi Campbell, Gloria Estefan and for Pharrell’s Adidas Originals campaign, and he to creative directed, choreographed and performed a tribute to Standing Rock at ComplexCon. He has also worked as a creative consultant for ads launching campaigns for Apple and Lexus. Boogz’s collaborators include TriBeCa Film Festival, DAIS, Lil Buck, and Flying Lotus; his choreography is used in FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance" and Cirque du Soleils "MJ ONE;" and he was featured at the Geffen Playhouse's "Backstage at the Geffen" with his dance company Control Freakz, Lil Buc, and spoken-word artist Robin Sanders to honor Morgan Freeman and Jeff Skoll. He co-founded Movement Art Is with Lil Buck in 2016. Boogz's forthcoming works seek to merge movement with fine art, film, technology and the stage.

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