John Bohannon is a scientist and writer who runs the annual Dance Your Ph.D. contest.

Why you should listen

John Bohannon is a biologist and journalist. After embedding in southern Afghanistan in 2010, he engineered the first voluntary release of civilian casualty data by the US-led military coalition. He studies the evolution of fame using data provided by Google, and writes for Science and WIRED. His research on the blurring line between the cuisine of man and pet caused Stephen Colbert to eat cat food on television.

Using an alter ego known as the Gonzo Scientist, he runs the "Dance Your Ph.D." contest. It's an international competition for scientists to explain their research with interpretive dance.

What others say

“John Bohannon just wanted to convince a group of drunken scientists to dance.” — Elizabeth Weingarten, Slate

John Bohannon’s TED talk

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