Joe Sabia

Joe Sabia investigates new ways to tell stories — meshing viral video and new display technologies with old-fashioned narrative.

Why you should listen

Joe Sabia is a NYC-based conceptual digital video artist who creates shareable videos and formats across a multitude of genres, amassing more than 1 billion views in total. As a creative consultant, Moth Programming Board member, and award-winning director/editor, his current role has him creating franchise video formats across the Conde Nast Portfolio as VP of Creative Development. 

You may recognize his voice as the guy on Vogue's "73 Questions." Some of his work includes the "Wired Autocomplete Interview" series, "You Sang My Song" on Glamour, and "Lie Detector" and "Tinder Takeover" on Vanity Fair. Joe created "African Men, Hollywood Stereotypes" which launched the awareness campaign of Africa-based non-profit Mama Hope. He spent two years making an art project called "The Office Stare Machine" which takes 700 stares from The Office and catalogues them against hundreds of emotions. He also co-founded "CDZA", a music channel featuring hundreds of conservatory-trained musicians in viral videos, including directing a set with Spike Jonze at the first ever YouTube Music Awards. 

Sabia's hobbies include being an amateur classical pianist, the 2007 international pun champion and proud co-owner of an Italian restaurant. He also documents management facility in the Republic of Georgia.

Joe Sabia’s TED talk