Jo Michael Rezes creates theatre in collaboration with inspiring artists scattered between fringe and professional companies.

Why you should listen

Jo Michael Rezes primarily focus their time on new works which feature transgender writers, actors, designers, and teams at large -- the more gothic, self-referential, irreverent, full of monsters and ghouls, the better. Rezes began their work as a theatremaker at Vassar College, earning a BA in English and Drama. Rezes is currently a PhD student in the Theatre and Performance Studies department at Tufts University, holding a Master of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies from the program. Rezes is a resident teaching artist at Somerville Public Schools and has taught workshops for Somerville Arts for Youth, Inc. They also instruct Introduction to Acting at Tufts University and have presented their research at the Mid-America Theatre Conference and the American Society for Theatre Research.

Jo Michael Rezes’ TED talk