Jioji Ravulo's research and writing explore mental health and well-being, youth development, marginality and decoloniality.

Why you should listen

Jioji Ravulo is a professor and chair of social work and policy studies at The University of Sydney. He has authored several publications on social work and educational research, including peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly book chapters, research reports and opinion pieces. Committed to creating collaborative spaces for students, community groups and services, Ravulo is involved in various community-based research and co-design initiatives. This includes projects that promote health literacy across equity groups, better deliver support to young people and their families, advocate for diversity in education and champion the meaningful inclusion of Indigenous perspectives and practices throughout. Ravulo is also an adjunct professor at the University of the South Pacific's school of law and social sciences, where he supports social work education, policy development and research across the region.

Jioji Ravulo’s TED talk