Jim Collins

Bioengineering professor
One of the founders of synthetic biology, bioengineer Jim Collins is passionate about teaching and inspiring young people in the classroom and lab.

Why you should listen

Jim Collins is a bioengineering professor at MIT, the Broad Institute and Harvard's Wyss Institute. He is one of the founders of synthetic biology and continues to push the field towards biomedical applications via translational research and spinouts such as Synlogic. His many advances in biotechnology and biomedicine include paper-based diagnostics for Zika and Ebola virus and programmable cells  that act as diagnostics and therapeutics to detect and treat infections, rare genetic metabolic disorders and inflammatory bowel disease.

Collins also studies antibiotics to enhance our antibacterial arsenal and combat antibacterial resistance. He is proud of his many trainees who have gone on to make the world a better place.

Jim Collins’ TED talk

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