Jessica Whitaker Allen

Sustainable rice farmer, conservation coordinator
Jessica Whitaker Allen champions regenerative agriculture to streamline farming practices for her constituency and secure land resources for the future.

Why you should listen

Inspired by her family and community, Jessica Whitaker Allen fights to preserve and restore agricultural resources -- because, she says, "Without it, where would we be?" After all, each of us relies on agriculture daily, directly and indirectly. By implementing regenerative agricultural practices that nourish the land for future use, we secure resources not only for our communities today, but also provide resources for our families in the future.

Building on this idea, Whitaker Allen advocates for sustainable agricultural practices on rice farms in Southeast Arkansas. Through her efforts to spread responsible environmental strategies throughout the industry, she's helping farmers reduce their water and energy use, lower greenhouse gasses and increase their land use efficiency.

Jessica Whitaker Allen’s TED talk

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