Jeff Dean is a Senior Fellow and SVP leading Google Research. His work has been integral to much of Google’s infrastructure and work on AI.

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Google's 30th employee, Jeff Dean has built software, used by billions of people every day, to answer questions or give information (including Google products such as Search, News and Translate). He's also built tools to help software developers process and handle large datasets and open-source tools to enable people to use machine learning to solve new problems. Over the last decade, Dean has managed large teams of researchers and software engineers to tackle important computer science and societal challenges.

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Live from TEDMonterey

Tech comeback?! Notes from Session 5 of TEDMonterey

August 3, 2021

Session 5 ushers in the astonishing, challenging and sometimes playful innovations that could mold the future. From genetic technology to NFTs, six speakers give insights on what’s to come, celebrate the fusion of tech and human creativity and make the case for rousing the techno-optimist in us all. The event: TEDMonterey: Session 5, hosted by […]

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