Javed Akhtar

Poet, lyricist, screenwriter
Javed Akhtar is an eminent Indian film scriptwriter, lyricist and poet, whose lineage can be traced back to seven generations of renowned Urdu writers, poets and freedom fighters.

Why you should listen

A respected social commentator and activist admired for his secular, liberal and progressive values, Javed Akhtar has written a large number of poems against communalism, social injustice, national integration, and for women’s rights.

His publications include his first poetry collection, Tarkash, currently in its 11th edition in Hindi and 7th in Urdu. It has been translated into English, French and a range of Indian regional languages. According to a recent survey done by a publisher’s organization, it is the most sold book of verses in the last 60 years in India. His other books Talking Films and Talking Songs are hailed as some of the most definitive works on Indian cinema.

Javed Akhtar’s TED talk