Professor James Logan leads an internationally renowned research program at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, presents television programs and has a passion for science and natural history.

Why you should listen

Professor James Logan's research group explores the complex interaction between arthropod vectors, and his groundbreaking research has led to the discovery of novel methods for the control of vectors that transmit pathogens that cause diseases such as malaria, Zika, dengue, trachoma and Lyme disease. His work extends into field evaluation of vector control tools in developing countries, and his recent research discovered that malaria infection causes changes in our body odor, making us more attractive to mosquitoes. He's now working on translating that to develop a novel, non-invasive diagnostic for malaria.

Logan is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and has a first-class BSc honours degree in Zoology from the University of Aberdeen and an award-winning PhD, which he completed in 2005. He is also an entrepreneur, having spun out two companies from his University, and holds the position of Director and Founder of ARCTEC and Director and Founder of Vecotech Ltd. Logan regularly advises UK government departments on aspects of vector biology, invasive species and vector control.

James Logan’s TED talk