Jakob Trollback is a pioneering designer, whose work in video and motion graphics has helped define the industry — always pushing the edges of technology and entertainment through design.

Why you should listen

Jakob Trollback is a designer and creative thinker -- and he's also a DJ, which becomes clear when you see the work of his firm, Trollback + Company, distinguished by an almost musical attention to rhythm, form and detail.

As creative director for R/GA in the 1990s, Jakob Trollback was among the earliest group of designers to understand and embrace the importance of digital media, and the effect it would have on culture at large. Working on film titles, TV commercials, interactive displays ... Trollback translated the sea changes in media for advertisers and marketers, as well as Hollywood.

His firm Trollback + Company speciaizes in motion graphics -- those often-overlooked elements that set the tone for film and TV titles, short-form video and TV ad campaigns. Recently, Trollback designed the low-key but perfect titles for Deborah Scranton's Frontline documentary Bad Voodoo's War. They've also designed the video wall at the Frank Gehry-designed IAC building in New York City.

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