Professor Jakob Magolan is a synthetic chemist who assembles new molecules to discover new medicines.

Why you should listen

Jakob Magolan holds the Boris Family Endowed Chair in Drug Discovery at McMaster University in Canada. As a graduate student, he was trained to synthesize the complex and beautiful molecules made by nature from simple chemical building blocks. His medicinal chemistry laboratory now partners with biologists and clinicians to find new molecules and innovative strategies to treat disease. He and his colleagues at McMaster's Institute for Infectious Disease Research are working to discover new antibiotics to combat the threat of drug-resistant microbial infections.

Magolan has taught organic chemistry to hundreds of undergraduate students. He believes in the tremendous value of scientific literacy in society and loves to share his appreciation of science with the public. Magolan prepared this TEDx talk together with graphic designer Weston Durland, who was one of his chemistry students.

Jakob Magolan’s TED talk