Jake Wood runs Team Rubicon, a nationwide nonprofit that provides military veterans with the opportunity to continue their service by responding to natural disasters and global crises.

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Jake Wood served as a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, with deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan as a Scout Sniper. He received numerous awards in combat, and was the Honor Graduate of Recruit Training from the School of Infantry and Marine Scout Sniper Course. In 2010, along with former Marine William McNulty, he founded Team Rubicon.

As a leading veteran advocate, Jake speaks about issues facing returning veterans and is a member of numerous U.S. committees on the topic. He is also the cofounder of POS REP, the first mobile, proximity-based social network designed exclusively for the veteran community.

Team Rubicon’s awards include the Classy Award for "National Small Charity of the Year," Chase American Giving Awards "Heroes and Leaders" National Award and the 2012 Grinnell Prize. In 2012, he was named a CNN Hero.

Jake Wood’s TED talk

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Deploying veterans for disaster relief: A Q&A with Jake Wood of Team Rubicon

November 6, 2012

[ted id=1608 width=560 height=315] Team Rubicon’s latest mission is called Operation: Greased Lightning. What does that mean, you ask? In this powerful talk, given at TEDxSanDiego in 2011, Jake Wood shares his experience co-founding Team Rubicon, a disaster relief organization that uses veterans to do the difficult work of search and rescue, supply disbursement and […]

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