With his membership platform Patreon, YouTube star Jack Conte may have solved a perennial problem of content creators — getting paid for digital media.

Why you should listen

As a solo artist and member of folk-rock duo Pomplamoose, Jack Conte garnered millions of views for his offbeat "video songs," including his breakout hit "Yeah Yeah Yeah" and "Pedals," a robotic tour-de-force with a set that duplicates the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

Despite his success, Conte noted the disconnect between page views and revenue, and he realized that if you’re a widely viewed artist and you aren’t making money, "that's not your fault -- it’s technology's fault." His solution is Patreon: a membership platform built on recurring payments from patrons to support creatives with ongoing projects.

What others say

“Tapping into an ancient human instinct to support culture, Conte is leveraging the democratized economics of the Internet to come up with a new digital take on the tradition of patronage for independent artists.” — Billboard, May 10, 2013

Jack Conte’s TED talk

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