Isabelle Boemeke is the world's first nuclear energy influencer.

Why you should listen

Isabelle Boemeke created the social media persona Isodope to educate the public on the benefits of nuclear energy and its role in solving climate change and energy inequality. She decided to help address climate change after seeing her home country, Brazil, on fire. This fueled her passion and desire to learn more about nuclear energy as a solution to this global crisis. Through her persona Isodope, she taps into social media trends and uses the language of memes to bring nuclear energy to a whole new audience.

Using futuristic visuals paired with witty humor, Boemeke is changing the face of science communication, all with one clear goal in mind: making nuclear power cool. "If we want a future of energy abundance and security without fossil fuels, we need nuclear power," she says.

Isabelle Boemeke’s TED talk

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