Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi mixes high fashion and the mass market, with a line of haute couture and a line for Target. Plus a talk show, a cabaret act, a movie, a new book ...

Why you should listen

Design-wise, Isaac Mizrahi is best known for bridging the gap between high and low -- creating gorgeous couture confections for the likes of Eartha Kitt and others, as well as a hugely popular, groundbreakingly affordable line for Target.

His design mission comes wrapped in endless charisma. He's a talk-show host, he's performed his own one-man show Off-Broadway, he was the subject of the hilarious documentary Unzipped, and he does regular cabaret nights at Joe's Pub in New York City. His new book is called How to Have Style .

What others say

“Q: Do you find that what you do on the side – namely, music – actually makes your [design] more vibrant? A: I think so. Some don’t agree with that thought, but I don’t care about those people. I only care about myself and what I really like doing and what amuses me.” —

Isaac Mizrahi’s TED talks

More news and ideas from Isaac Mizrahi

Mark Bittman and Isaac Mizrahi on braised artichokes

January 12, 2009

This odd couple banters their way through a lesson on braising artichokes as part of Isaac Mizrahi’s (watch his 2008 TEDTalk) series of webisodes. The dish itself? Artichokes braised with pancetta in lemon juice and white wine — elegant yet simple, and in line with Bittman’s charge to eat more vegetables. These two don’t let […]

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