Hyeonmi Kim

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Hyeonmi Kim decodes ways for society to benefit from technology.

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Hyeonmi Kim is fascinated by the interaction between business, technology and people. A strategist and digital enthusiast, she uses her training in business and economics to champion the use of digital tools to reshape how organizations in the public and private sectors engage with people and communities. Through a combination of research, analytics and consumer engagement, she has helped her clients launch start-ups to empower adults through education in Indonesia, build a digital bank for the underserved in Asia and reimagine a media company for the digital world. When she's not trying to decode how society can benefit from technology, she is devouring the latest craze on social media, immersed in the latest story on Netflix and preparing herself for the metaverse.

Hyeonmi Kim’s TED talk

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March 16, 2022

The world is facing an unprecedented pace of change. In a day of talks and performances, a diverse group of experts explore how to stay ahead of the curve — covering everything from the value of purpose in business to the democratization of storytelling and the exciting potential of human-AI collaboration. The event: TED@BCG 2022 […]

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