Hongqiao Liu is an independent journalist and policy advisor who has been covering China’s environmental crisis and decarbonization since 2010. She writes Shuang Tan, a newsletter in which she decodes China’s climate and energy policies for the world.

Why you should listen

Hongqiao Liu's independent journalism brings facts, nuance and context to heated discussions about China and provides digestible information on complex policy issues. She debuted as an investigative journalist at the age of 20 at Caixin, the most prestigious newsroom in China. Her early career saw her publish a series of influential investigations on social, environmental and governance challenges that accompanied China's rapid economic development. Her work has triggered public debate, helped foster accountability and sparked critical reform of several national environmental policies in China.

Liu's coverage has become a global reference point on China's climate actions. Her first coverage of climate change dates back to 2010. In the decade since, the topic has become the main focus of her work. In 2021, she joined award-winning specialist media Carbon Brief as a founding member of its China reporting initiative. A year later, she launched Shuang Tan, an independent initiative dedicated to decoding China's climate and energy policies for readers worldwide. She believes in the power of journalism in fostering informed discussion, decision-making and actions on tackling climate change -- the biggest challenge of our century.

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