Herman Narula builds new technology for the online games and virtual worlds that will massively impact the way we live, socialize and entertain each other.

Why you should listen

According to Herman Narula, "I have always been interested in how technology can enable creativity and solve tough problems, and I've always loved video games." With co-founder Rob Whitehead, "who shared my excitement ... [for] creating the next generation of games and virtual spaces," he founded Improbable, which created SpatialOS.

SpatialOS is a tool for developers and gaming studios like Midwinter Entertainment, Klang Games and NetEase Games to "add innovation to online games -- from short, team-based matches to huge, persistent shared environments. Our goal is to help build the complex, interactive and highly connected virtual worlds where billions of people will meet, play and find real meaning in the near future."

Herman Narula’s TED talk

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