Using a deck of cards and other simple props, Helder Guimarães gets up close to play with your perceptions and preconceptions.

Why you should listen

Helder Guimarães slips and slides cards on a table, wowing you with invisible technique, unorthodox psychology and fresh humor. As a close-up magician, he's won international awards for his elegantly thought-through performances, which merge a nuanced stagecraft with good old how-does-he-do-it sleight of hand. He is the world's youngest-ever World Champion of Card Magic. He reflects on his craft in the enigmatic out-of-print book, Reflections.

His appearances at LA's Magic Castle led him to be awarded the title of Parlour Magician of The Year, in 2011 and 2012, recognition that drew hours-long queues as audiences (and fellow magicians) flocked to the simple and astonishing act. Also, in 2012, he co-created a show called Nothing to Hide, with Derek DelGaudio, which opened at the Geffen Playhouse, directed by magic superfan Neil Patrick Harris. In 2013, the show was taken to Off-Broadway where it stayed for a very successful held-over run of 110 performances.


What others say

“One of the brightest thinkers and performers of his generation.” — Magic Magazine

Helder Guimarães’ TED talk

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