Harsha Bhogle can talk about the business side of cricket, the technicalities of play and the psychology of the players with equal authority.

Why you should listen

IIM-A alum and former Rediffusion ad man Harsha Bhogle has been called “the voice of Indian cricket” -- he's India's premier cricket commentator and columnist. Beloved for his insightful patter, he writes a weekly cricket column for Indian Express and interviews top cricketers on ESPNStar's Harsha UnPlugged.

He's been the front man for ESPNStar cricket telecasts from the day they launched in India. Now he has taken to the corporate lecture circuit with his wife and business partner, Anita, applying the wisdom of the game to help companies develop compelling business strategies.

What others say

“When Harsha Bhogle begins to talk, you cannot but sit and listen.” — K. Pradeep, The Hindu

Harsha Bhogle’s TED talk