Haley Van Dyck is building a startup at the White House and recruiting world-class technology talent to change how government works for the American people.

Why you should listen

Haley Van Dyck helped found the US Digital Service in August 2014. As its Deputy Administrator, she's building a team of tech experts to improve the usefulness, user experience and reliability of America's most important digital services. The team is already making a difference on services that matter most to citizens, from healthcare to immigration to veterans' benefits. 

Since 2008, Van Dyck has helped craft President Obama's technology strategy, including the US Open Data Policy. Her work is helping infuse lean operating strategies and Silicon Valley expertise into the federal government.

What others say

“'There is a pervasive myth that it's impossible to get anything done in government,' said Haley Van Dyck, one of the cofounders of the USDS. To counter this notion, USDS...[has] been busy injecting agile, user-centered principles into the biggest bureaucracy in the world.” — Fast Company, November 11, 2015

Haley Van Dyck’s TED talk

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Live from TED2016

What happens when you disrupt the White House: Haley Van Dyck speaks at TED2016

February 16, 2016

On technologist Haley Van Dyck’s first day working for the government, in 2008, she was handed a laptop that ran Windows 98. “Three presidential elections had come and gone since the government had updated its operating system,” she says. “That’s when we realized: the problem is bigger than we imagined.” Van Dyck is the co-founder […]

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