A world-renowned engineer and inventor, Graham Hawkes wants to revolutionize the way we experience the oceans. He created the Deep Flight series of winged submersibles, which "fly" to the depths of the oceans with the power and elegance of an airplane.

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Graham Hawkes has created a new generation of high-tech undersea vessels that truly augment the way terrestrials experience the immense, otherworldly habitats of the oceans. His Deep Flight submersibles look like airplanes and behave like ocean creatures, using their wings and unique propulsion to gracefully soar and somersault into the deep -- giving their pilot an unprecedented 3D perspective. According to his website, Hawkes' designs account for a "significant percentage of manned and unmanned vehicles used by science and industry."

Hawkes leads Hawkes Ocean Technologies, whose submersibles were featured in James Cameron's 3D IMAX film, Aliens of the Deep. His company also produced the WASP and Mantis Atmospheric Diving Suits, built to facilitate undersea pipelaying. Hawkes currently holds the world record for the deepest solo dive -- 3,000 feet -- using one of his own inventions, the Deep Rover submersible.

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“We're throwing billions of dollars into the void and ignoring a rich frontier much closer to home: Earth's oceans. They're awash with unknown life, unclaimed territory, and immense natural resources. Perhaps the future of mankind isn't out in space but in our sea.” — Graham Hawkes, WIRED

Graham Hawkes’ TED talk

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Fly the seas in a submarine with wings: Graham Hawkes on TED.com

November 3, 2008

Inventor Graham Hawkes takes us aboard his graceful, winged submarines to the depths of Planet Ocean (a.k.a. “Earth”). It’s a deep blue world we landlubbers rarely see in 3D. (Recorded February 2005 in Monterey, California. Duration: 12:10.)   Watch Graham Hawkes’s talk from TED2005 on TED.com, where you can download this TEDTalk, rate it, comment […]

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