Gorick Ng

Career navigation expert, bestselling author
Gorick Ng is a Harvard career adviser, Wall Street Journal bestselling author and sought-after keynote speaker. He is on a mission to demystify the unspoken rules of career success.

Why you should listen

Gorick Ng is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Unspoken Rules: Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right, one of Thinkers50’s top 10 management books that Harvard Business School gifted to every MBA student to give them an edge in the professional world. Ng helps employers build an ownership mindset within their teams and empowers educators to improve career readiness among their students.

Ng is a career adviser at Harvard College, specializing in coaching FGLI (first-generation, low-income) students. He is also on the faculty at UC Berkeley, where he teaches the unspoken rules of career navigation, now available as an online course. He has been featured in The New York Times, CNBC, The Financial Times, Fast Company, Fortune, Forbes and The Today Show. A first-generation college student, Ng is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School. Each week, Ng shares career strategies through Did You Know?, a newsletter deconstructing the untold paths to success -- of people (and things) you know.

Gorick Ng’s TED talk