Gopal D. Patel

Environmental activist, campaigner
Gopal D. Patel believes in the power of engaged religion and spirituality to transform our approaches to today's biggest challenges.

Why you should listen

As a faith-based environmental activist, keynote speaker and consultant, Gopal D. Patel bridges the gap between the world of faith and spirituality with the secular world of technocrats and public policy. He helps people and institutions understand the contributions of faith-based groups by translating religious teachings and ideas into policy and action that contribute to the common good. For the last decade, he has advised global interfaith and environmental initiatives and worked for the inclusion of faith voices in local and international policy. He is currently co-chair of the United Nations Multi-faith Advisory Council and the Advisory Board of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Patel's work is informed by the two years he spent studying at Hindu ashrams in India and England following university. There he explored the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and how they could apply to contemporary concerns. Two decades later, he continues to explore the same questions around how the wisdom, values and knowledge of faith traditions and spirituality are relevant to today's world and its challenges.

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