Exiled from her home country of Iran, Golshifteh Farahani continues to push boundaries in both her work and activism.

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Born in Tehran, Golshifteh Farahani studied classical music from a young age and then became a professional actor, creating a rich portfolio of Iranian films and becoming one of the country’s most beloved actors. Her role in Ridley Scott’s 2008 thriller Body of Lies changed everything: Iranian authorities accused her of working with the US Central Intelligence Agency and of tarnishing the image of Islam and the Islamic Republic. After months of interrogation, she was forced to leave Iran permanently.

In Farahani’s 15 years in exile, she has continued her work in the arts, having acted in more than 30 films, series and works of theater, released several songs and worked as an environmental and human rights activist. She now uses her virtual networks to reflect and amplify the voice of the Iranian people, advocating for Iranian women’s struggle for freedom and equality.

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