Giles Duley began his career as a fashion photographer. When it was time for a change he found himself on a journey of war and hardship.

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Giles was a photographer who, some years ago, tired of celebrity photoshoots and the attendant egos and tantrums that often accompanied them. He flung his camera on the photoshoot bed and it bounced out the window into the streets of SoHo, London. At that point he decided to change course and dedicated himself to using his camera to "tell unheard stories of those caught in conflict and economic hardship around the world." His work took him to Sudan, Angola, Ukraine and Bangladesh, among other places. Early in 2011, on assignment in Afghanistan, Duley stepped on a landmine. Despite the fact that the horrific accident left Duley a triple amputee, he continues to dedicate his life to telling stories through photography.

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“Do you ever have one of those mornings, when you just can't be bothered to put your legs on?” — @gilesduley

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August 7, 2013

As he lay in intensive care after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan, photographer Giles Duley resolved to take portraits of the 100 people who had influenced him the most. He describes the genesis of a very personal project.

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