Gian Giudice

Theoretical physicist
Gian Giudice is a theoretical physicist who has contributed greatly to our present understanding of particle physics and cosmology.

Why you should listen

Gian Giudice is a permanent member of CERN's group for theoretical physics. He has researched topics like supersymmetry, extra dimensions and dark matter, and has formulated theories that describe the earliest stages of the universe and that apply our knowledge of the particle world to smaller distances.

As author of the popular book, A Zeptospace Odyssey, Giudice is active in communicating the complex work of the Large Hadron Collider to the public. Meant for the lay reader, the book shares both the innovations needed to build the LHC and the theories it was created to prove. After the Higgs boson discovery, Giudice found the surprising result that, if the Standard Model continues to hold up at very small distances, the universe must be in a critical state, near to a phase transition that could lead to the collapse of all atomic matter. Luckily, in his TED Talk, he shares that this would happen very, very, very far in the future.

Gian Giudice’s TED talk