Journalist Gary Wolf spends his days in pursuit of the most fascinating things. As a contributing editor at Wired, he's written about technology, mushroom hunters, venture capitalists ...

Why you should listen

Gary Wolf is a contributing editor at Wired magazine, where he writes regularly about the culture of science and technology (as well as many other topics). He is also the co-founder, with Wired colleague Kevin Kelly, of The Quantified Self, a blog about "selfknowledge through numbers."

He was an early editor at Hotwired / Wired Digital, and helped push the technical and editorial limits of the early web. His books include Dumb Money: Adventures of a Day Trader (with Joey Anuff) and Wired: A Romance, and he’s working on a book called (for now) The Quantified Self.

What others say

“We usually associate self-knowledge not with numbers but with words -- a kind of inner voice of consciousness and conscience. Supplementing that with quantitative tools is one of the most interesting trends emerging in our culture.” — Gary Wolf in IFTF Health Horizons Report

Gary Wolf’s TED talk