Gala Jackson

Career and life management coach
Gala Jackson is a career and life management coach who helps people transform their careers with courage, clarity and confidence.

Why you should listen

Gala Jackson is passionate about helping women stand in the power of their femininity. As a three-time certified and accomplished executive career and leadership development coach, she works with domestic and international women+ to redefine and take ownership of their success. She empowers women+ to discover and live in alignment with the strongest, boldest, most courageous version of themselves.

Recognized for her practical coaching strategy, she emboldens women+ to step into courageous awareness, gain clarity, cultivate confidence and develop their leadership style through strengths-and-values-based coaching. Her work and expertise have appeared in The New York Times, Marie Claire, Essence, Huffington Post, Millie Magazine and other national publications. She's helped thousands of professionals navigate career transitions to find career satisfaction and significance without sacrificing lifestyle or compensation. In addition to her coaching work, Jackson travels extensively to partner with organizations to deliver high-impact keynote presentations, workshops and retreats on career and leadership development topics that impact women+.

Jackson is the author of the upcoming book Courage, Clarity, and Confidence: Redefining How Successful Women Work by Wiley Publishing in stores and online in January 2024.

Gala Jackson’s TED talk