A scientist and entrepreneur, Gabriel Kra invests in solar energy, hydrogen, plant-based food, storage and other climate technologies.

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Gabriel Kra cofounded Prelude Ventures after 25 years as an investor, entrepreneur, scientist and activist. His early experiences working a summer at Yellowstone National Park and for Greenpeace sparked his lifelong commitment to fighting climate change. He now channels that passion into helping entrepreneurs build big, impactful companies that will reduce emissions and fight climate change. Since its founding, Kra has built Prelude into a global leader in climate tech venture capital and has personally led investments in energy storage and batteries, plant-based foods, hydrogen production, solar finance and novel display systems.

Kra also serves on the board of directors of the nonprofits Activate, The CREO Syndicate and Carbon180. He holds MBAs from the Columbia Business School and the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeleyl an MS in atmospheric chemistry from SUNY Stony Brook; and a BA in philosophy from Columbia College.

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