France Villarta

Communications consultant
France Villarta, a communications consultant for Wells Fargo, is passionate about exploring the intersectionality of gender, politics and culture.

Why you should listen

France Villarta grew up questioning a lot of things, a trait his mother never discouraged. After reading about the history and civil rights struggle of the LGBTQ+ community in the United States, he wondered what the struggle looked like in his native Philippines --or if there was any history to speak of. What he found was a liberating historical model and a renewed sense of what it means to be a Filipino.

Villarta explores the intersectionality of gender, politics, identity and the cultural vestiges of colonialism. He hopes to help advance the LGBTQ+ cause in his country and dreams of a kinder, more accepting world.

Villarta holds a bachelor's degree in political science and works as a communications consultant for Wells Fargo in the Philippines. He is also involved with Fairplay for All Foundation, an NGO working to develop and provide opportunities for youth in the Payatas community of Metro Manila, home to the country's largest open dump site.

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