Fawn Qiu is a multi-disciplinary technologist who introduces the creative side of engineering through playful projects.

Why you should listen

When Qiu managed product development in the technology industry, she noticed a significant lack of women and minorities in her company, so she began to experiment with introducing engineering to people in a more creative and accessible way. From costumes that blink to robots that move to a physical version of the popular app Flappy Bird, these projects engaged people from diverse backgrounds, especially women and minorities. As a result, she founded Make Anything, an organization that empowers people from all technological backgrounds through creative technology workshops.

Qiu was a former research assistant at the MIT Media Lab. She has also developed and launched several mobile applications at major technology companies. Her interactive art installations have been featured in festivals and galleries around the world. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s Degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Fawn Qiu’s TED talk