TED Fellow Fariel Salahuddin works with smallholder farmers in developing countries, enabling them to use their livestock as currency.

Why you should listen

Fariel Salahuddin's favorite way to be introduced at social gatherings is as "the foremost goatherd in Pakistan," a vocation she happened upon through a combination of fate, curiosity and unemployment. She believes that rural poverty in developing countries is the result of a limited and narrow view of money and systems of monetary transactions. She's passionate about moving towards a multi-currency system which is inclusive of and leverages the economic assets of the varied communities that comprise civilization today.

In a previous life, Salahuddin was an energy economist and development professional advising governments and private organizations in different countries on energy policy, projects and pricing. She lives and works in Pakistan and the Netherlands, and she loves running.

Fariel Salahuddin’s TED talk

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